Restore emotional balance and enhance courage and ambition with our Scorpio crystal infused candle.


This beautiful 300ml black or white tumbler is filled with 100% vegan soy wax and superior fragrance oil. We lovingly hand pour and personalise each candle with a scent of your choice before we top it with handpicked crystals. Choose from two different coloured designs: rose gold and silver.


This candle is infused with two powerful crystals that embody and compliment the energy of a Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising sign:


Black Obsidian- Protects against all negative energy whilst purifying and cleansing the energy around it. This stone has a strong grounding vibration allowing for emotional healing and personal growth by gently bringing unresolved emotional pain to the surface, working through it and releasing.

Rainbow Moonstone- Calms the mind, body and spirit and restores emotional balance.  This crystal connects with your mental state, encouraging introspection and psychic perception as well as strengthening your intuition and intellect. Rainbow moonstone enhances your endurance and inner confidence and encourages you to take on new opportunities that come your way.


Scorpio Qualities:













Positive Affirmation:

"I am capable of achieving anything that I am committed to"



-Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars which represents ambition, action, passion, strength and willpower. Burn this candle when you want to increase or connect to the energy of Mars.

- Snuff out the flame with the lid – it will help keep the scent intact.

- Give the wick a trim before relighting – it will help prevent smoking and give the candle a brighter and cleaner burn.


Scorpio Crystal Candle fragrance:



A rich, exotic scent with notes of earthy sweetness. It is a very complex fragrance that defies the normal categories. Top notes of juicy pear, eucalyptus and orange zest, mid notes of lilac, raspberry, neroli, geranium and cinnamon leaf with dry notes of cedar, tobacco, tonka bean, mossy notes and musk.



A beautiful, sweet, fruity fragrance with fresh tropical vibes.  Top notes of cassis, pink sea salt and pink grapefruit, Middle notes of ocean air accord, sugar flower and geranium and Dry notes of driftwood, chiffon musk and raw vanilla.


Candle dimensions:

Height: 10cm

Diameter: 8cm


Candle information:

Burn time: 50 hours (270ml)

100% vegan

100% soy wax

Each candle comes with a positive affirmation card

Lovingly hand poured in our Perth workshop

Ethically sourced crystals from trusted suppliers

Scorpio Crystal Infused Candle- Black Obsidian & Rainbow Moonstone

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