Here you get to choose the crystal, fragrance, jar, affirmation, box/lid design and customise the label to include a personal message.


Each beautiful 300ml black or white tumbler is filled with 100% vegan soy wax and superior fragrance oil. We lovingly hand pour and personalise each candle with a scent of your choice before we top it with handpicked crystals. 


How to order a custom made candle:

1. Choose your jar

2. Choose your design (Rose gold or Silver)

3. Choose your fragrance (Descriptions are listed)

4. Choose your Crystal

5. Select if you would like a personal message written on the label. If you select none, the information about the crystal will automatically go on your label

6. Select if you would like the crystal's affirmation included on the label. If you want to include your own, select none and write your quote or affirmation in the notes section at checkout


Crystal  Affirmations:


Amethyst- "I am calm and peaceful in my mind, body and soul"

Amazonite- "I speak my heart's truth"

Black Obsidian- “I replace my fears, doubts and anger, to hope, confidence and serenity”

Carnelian- "I love the creative energy that flows through me"

Citrine- "I embrace the rhythm of life and go with the flow"

Green Aventurine- "There are endless opportunities available to me"

Rainbow Fluorite- "My connection to my higher self keeps me calm and focused"

Rainbow Moonstone- "I have the power to create change in my life"

Rose Quartz- "I am surrounded by unconditional love"

Labradorite- "I allow myself to transform and grow"

Smoky Quartz- "I am guided and protected"

Sodalite- "I am open to new information and ideas"

Prehnite- "I rest in the wisdom of my heart"

Red Jasper- "I focus on action to create the life I want"

Tiger's Eye- "I see the possibilities around me and I bring them to reality"




- Snuff out the flame with the lid – it will help keep the scent intact

- Give the wick a trim before r