Enhance leadership and ease stress with our Aries zodiac crystal kit.


Selenite Rod- Use this to recharge your tumbles and bracelet and cleanse negative energy

Red Jasper bracelet - The stone of action, increases energy and goal setting, promotes a positive outlook

Hematite - Releases anxiety, boosts self-esteem, resilience and strength

Green Aventurine- Relieves anxiety and stress, assisting with personal growth, abundance, and luck

Carnelian-  Increases passion, courage and creative energy

Black Obsidian- Protects against negative energy, offering a grounding vibration

Citrine- The crystal of abundance, happiness, leadership and success


Positive Affirmation:

"I trust my instincts to act"



  • These crystals are suited to Aries, as they help to calm, ease stress and anxiety
  • These crystals ground Aries fiery nature, and enhance their leadership, goal setting and cheerful traits. 


Zodiac kit information:

  • Comes with it's own affirmation and crystal information card
  • The crystals in your kit will vary in shape, size and colour
  • Each crystal is intuitively handpicked especially for you and cleansed before it leaves so it is ready for use
  • In order to tap into the healing energy of the crystals, you need to set the intention you want for each crystal when you use it
  • You can carry these crystals with you, have them near your bed or meditate with them, whatever works for you
  • For more information on each crystals healing energy, see the crystals section of our website
  • Crystals are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers

Aries Zodiac Crystal Kit - I trust my instincts to act

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