Expand your mind and spirituality with our Aquarius zodiac crystal kit.


Selenite Rod- Use this to recharge your tumbles and bracelet and cleanse negative energy

Angelite - Enhances spiritual connection and transforms fear into faith

Labradorite - Expands the spiritual mind, promotes personal growth, open mindedness and inner strength

Amethyst bracelet- Enhances intuition and spiritual connection, provides a calm energy

Muscovite- Promotes problem solving skills and navigating life's major decisions, helps you access your higher self and follow your intuition

Hematite- Releases anxiety, boosts self-esteem, resilience and strength. Carries a strong grounding energy

Rose Quartz- Promotes unconditional love, self-acceptance, peace and compassion


Positive Affirmation

"Time is my friend, I allow it to unfold naturally"



  • These crystals are suited to Aquarius as they calm and enhance their  open mindedness, analytical and easy going nature.  This zodiac kits helps to expand the Aquarius mind and connect more on a spiritual level.  


Zodiac kit information:

  • Comes with it's own affirmation and crystal information card
  • The crystals in your kit will vary in shape, size and colour
  • Each crystal is intuitively handpicked especially for you and cleansed before it leaves so it is ready for use
  • In order to tap into the healing energy of the crystals, you need to set the intention you want for each crystal when you use it
  • You can carry these crystals with you, have them near your bed or meditate with them, whatever works for you
  • For more information on each crystals healing energy, see the crystals section of our website
  • Crystals are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers

Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Kit - Time is my friend

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