Say hello to an OMG-this-so-resonates Vedic Astrology Reading

“I finally let go of the negative energy I was holding onto.”


Get an in-depth reading that gives you direction. 

So you can stop doubting and start connecting with your life purpose.

Kimberley Bartlett Vedic Astrologer Perth


Hiya, Spiritual Soul!

If any of these heart-hurting, brain-bashing questions are waking you up at 2:22am...

  • What am I doing with my life? What do I really want? Who even am I?!

  • Something's gotta change in my life / business / career / relationships. Is this the right time to make some scary decisions?

  • Why do I keep saying yes when my head, heart and gut scream no?

  • I'm worried about my health. No one seems to know what's wrong. Is this all in my head?

  • I'm a grown-azz adult. Why am I making the same mistakes over and over again?

It's time to stop asking and start getting answers.
In just 90 minutes from the comfort of your couch.

"Kimberley's reading blew my mind. She really tailored the reading to what I needed in that moment.


Jessica Terlick – Perth, Australia



The reading healed me

I got so much clarity around why I acted and reacted to things in certain phases of my life. Since the reading I stopped incessantly asking myself if I was crazy to make certain decisions. 

It was profound in that it gave me back the self-trust I lost over the past few years. I now have faith in what my potential is – what I'm actually capable of.

It comforted me because I know what I'm embarking on is completely where I need to be right now. Instead of being in my usual state of "GO-GO-GO!", I can take a deep breath and trust that everything can happen with ease and grace.

This reading helped me forgive myself. I finally let go of the negative energy I was holding onto.

The reading and Kimberley's guidance has, in a sense, healed me."

Forget vague and generic readings anyone with access to an astrology Youtube channel can give you


You'll get a high-energy and oh-so accurate reading that gets you AHA-ing harder than a TED talk.

When I analyse your birth chart, I'll do a deep-dive into your:

12 houses which each represent a unique aspect of your life including health, wealth, career and relationships

4 goals of Life:

Dharma – shows your life's purpose,

Artha – reveals the wealth and resources you have and what you can attain in life.

Kama – examines your desires and relationship to others. Moksha – shows you where you stand in your soul's path to fulfillment

9 Graha (planet and zodiac sign placement) – helps you understand what Karmas need to be played out

Transits (planetary periods) – explains why you feel the way you do during specific periods of your life


By the time we're through with your eerily accurate reading:

You'll discover why things are happening in your life the way they are.

And kickstart a journey of self-discovery that helps you see yourself clearer than ever before. 

My Vedic Astrology readings be like Shakira...cos your hips charts don't lie

Your readings are scarily accurate. 

Not because I have innate psychic powers. (I'm not a psychic)

But because I pour over ALL the charts when I plug in your exact date, time and city of birth into my Parashara’s Light software.

I analyse the data till the sacred cows come home (read: up to 10 hours) to go over every aspect, planet and constellation that shows me what's up in your astrological house.

To make sure I can give you an accurate-as-a-Swiss watch reading that resonates, I've dedicated over 2000 hours studying and learning from the world's best Vedic Astrologers.

The cherry on the stardust-sprinkled cake? You get readings based on science.


Kimberley Bartlett Vedic Astrologer Australia
Kimberley Bartlett Vedic Astrologer Perth Australia

Yep, I said science.

Unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrology is based on real life astronomy – what's happening in the sky NOW.

Western astrologers might be telling you the Sun is in Libra right now.

But if we plug your details into the software, it'll show you it's in Virgo. 

So understanding the placement of the stars and planets in the exact moment you were born...

And combining that with what's happening right this very second, you'll be able to see your past and present in a compassionate light.

It also explains why you sometimes feel and act the way you do...when it's just sooo unlike you! 

Like why you keep putting off firing your lazy-ass cleaning lady and you're giving her a raise instead...

"Kimberley instantly made me feel comfortable. She was just so chilled, hilarious and genuine. It was almost like we had an instant connection – like I'd known her forever

Jamie B- Perth, Australia


A life-changing reading

Before the reading, I was at a point in my life where I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go. I'm 32, so it would be too much to say that it was a mid-life crisis situation. But I was looking for answers that would help me understand what was going on in my life.

During and after the reading, it was like Kimberley had opened a book. And now I feel like I have to read everything in that book.

Among other things, she also told me what my actual astrology sign was. I thought I was a Scorpio but I'm really a Pisces, and it just made sense. Everything just clicked.

But most valuable thing Kimberley gave me was a true understanding of who I am. I've started owning my power– I'm sitting in my spirituality and not letting anyone affect that. 

I've got more confidence in myself. I'm excited about my life now. If you're curious about it, or have any doubts about it, I have 2 words: TRY IT. You't got absolutely nothing to lose. 

This reading has changed me, and people around me can see that.

She changed my life. She really did."


In-depth Vedic Astrology Reading

  • A 90-minute personalised and Vedic Astrology reading via Zoom that covers your: health, wealth, career and relationships

  • A personalised birth chart  

  • A full transcript so you can focus 100% on the reading instead of madly taking notes

  • crystal recommendations to kickstart and enhance your wellbeing and success

  • An audio recording so you can go over certain parts of your reading whenever you want


Valuable with a capital V(enus)

After getting a Vedic Astrology reading with me, you'll go from feeling:

- confused to clear 


- unmotivated to empowered


- self-critical to radically compassionate (towards yourself and your VIP humans)

We'll go over all the things that have been swirling around your head and heart during your reading.

So you can sleep like an angel baby and do the things you're destined to do. 

Kimberley Bartlett Vedic Astrologer Perth Australia

"I was laughing throughout the session because what Kimberley told me was actually so close to the truth.

Julie J - Perth, Australia


The reading has improved my relationship with my family

You could say I'm a little woo-curious. I'm interested in astrology but haven't really gone deep into it. 

I didn't know what was really involved at first so I just asked Kimberley to throw anything at me. 

I was a bit surprised with some of the things that came up for me – things I've not talked about with other people. I was surprised that Kimberley could see those things in my chart.

For instance, she could see I had specific health issues. She could also see things relating to my family and upbringing that I've not shared with anyone else.

Even though hurtful and traumatic things have happened in my past, I was able to see there was a lesson in the pain. Kimberley gave me some suggestions on how I could learn from the challenges move forward.

The reading has improved my relationship with my family – they now know what's happened in the past and see me in a different light. 

It's also helped me to understand myself more and I'm feeling excited about the future."

How to get the crystal-infused ball rolling

1. Book your session

Via the link here.

Choose the date and time that works for you.

All sessions take place via Zoom.

2. Tell me your sitch

I'll send you a questionnaire so I can prepare BEFORE we meet. You'll tell me your exact time and city of birth.

You can also tell me what you'd like me to focus on when I analyse your charts. This will help you get the most out of your session.

3. Turn up and listen

The reading is recorded so all you have to do is turn up with your bevvy of choice and an open mind! 

You'll get:

- an in-depth reading covering all four pillars of your life: health, wealth, career and relationships

- clarity around your biggest challenges

- crystal recommendations to kickstart and enhance your wellbeing and success

Meet the Vedic Astrologer behind Ivy Rose Crystals


Hi, I'm Kimberley Bartlett

The founder of Ivy Rose Crystals and your new BFVA (best-friend Vedic Astrologer).

In 2020, I let go of my spray-tanning biz dreams to follow my purpose: to share the healing power of crystals.

Over the last 3 years I've hit over a 1000 humans in the feels with my crystal-infused candles and accessories.

That was phase 1 of my grand plan.

As for Phase 2?


To serve even more spiritual and woo-curious humans like you with in-depth and accurate Vedic Astrology readings that connects you to your life's purpose.


Which is why I've studied Vedic Astrology with the best. And mentoring with 

one of the most respected Vedic astrologers in the world.


Cos when it comes to serving humans who need my help, I don't do things by halves. 


In fact my motto is: how you do one thing is how you do everything.


And I'm here to guide you to find your thing(s).


To help you understand yourself better.


To empower you with the knowledge that your destiny is not set in stone.


To move you towards forgiveness and self-acceptance.


I'm ready for an




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