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Discover a powerful way to align your purpose with your passion

Crystal-infused candles and Vedic Astrology readings to help you make sense of the world, tap into your inner wisdom, and build the life you want

Kimberley Bartlett Ivy Rose Crystals founder

Hi, I’m Kimberley Bartlett

I'm a Vedic Astrologer and founder of Ivy Rose Crystals, and I help people go from stressed to feeling blessed,

using the power of crystals and Vedic astrology.


You're probably here because you want (and maybe need):

● a beautiful pick-me-up

● something to support you through tough times

● help making sense of yourself and your world

● to explore your spirituality (without feeling like you need to join a cult)



Kimberley Bartlett Ivy Rose Crystal Therapist

As a mum of three and wearer of many hats, I get how challenging it can be to keep calm and carrying on during these "interesting" times.


Especially when all you want to do is watch trashy TV in your fugly PJs while munching on Maltesers and sculling down water after each crunchy bite (wait, is that just me?).


I'm here to tell you that you're in the right place

As your resident Vedic Astrologer and Advanced Crystal Therapist, I'm on a mission to empower you with the knowledge, tools and pretty things (my crystal infused candles so you feel:


● loved

● seen

● safe

● heard

● understood


Cos here's the thing, whether you believe it or not, you are a resilient, important and powerful human.

And I'm here to remind you that you have the power to:


● feel infinitely better

● overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

● live a gorgeous life aligned with your purpose and passion


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Need help getting crystal clear? I’m here to help

Sam Whiting Ivy Rose Crystals Testimonial

"Thank you for your most incredible compassion and service helping us create the most beautiful keepsake. We will treasure our candle forever."


Sam, Custom made candle, QLD

Exceptional support and healing

Kimberley Bartlett Ivy Rose Crystals Vedic Astrologer

The Ivy Rose Story

I still have to pinch myself that I get to help others feel loved, empowered and supported through my business every day.


It wasn't always this way


Sure, I was successful in my past life as a regional manager for a major home entertainment retailer. And yes, I got all the feels (and colour) from helping my customers get Insta-worthy spray tans when I ran my spray tanning business.


But something was missing...


Ever the gal to turn lemons into limoncello (lemonade is overrated), I welcomed the stillness that a little thing starting with 'C' gave me.


The world might have been scrambling for toilet rolls, but I used this time to reconnect with my spiritual side, learn the art and science of Vedic Astrology and remember my love of crystals.


With the affirmation, “Let your passions burn brighter than your fears,” driving me forward, Ivy Rose Crystals was born.




In-depth and profound reading for peace and clarity

"This experience is totally worth the investment. Kimberley is so knowledgeable and highly passionate about providing in-depth and profound readings. You really do get so much information about yourself and your life. I now know that there are reasons for my past challenges which have led me to where I am now. Discussing what I could expect in the future, and deepening my understanding of my relationship with myself and others around me has given me profound peace and clarity."

Jessica Terlick

Jess Terlick Ivy Rose Crystals Testimonial

Meet the Ivy Rose Team

Kimberley Bartlett on the phone

Everyday Empath + Inspired Intuitive


Reading people well and holding space for them so they feel seen, supported and safe.

Moving mountains to help you on your healing journey.

Core Belief

"You are confident, courageous and nothing can hold you back from your dreams."

The Sensitive soul
Kimberley Bartlett sitting on the couch
The Woo-woo Warrior

Vedic Astrologer +

Advanced Crystal Therapist


Discovering your strengths, helping you make sense of yourself and the world around you.

One of Australia's top certified Vedic Astrologers

Core Belief

"Your destiny isn't set in stone. You always have the power to change your life."

Kimberley Bartlett handing out snacks
The Multitasking Mama

Mum of 3 most-of-the-time lovely girls +

Wife to a night shift worker


World-class negotiation skills.

Marketer, writer and social media queen.

Candle maker, picker and processor.

24-hour snack supplier

Core Belief

"Where there's a will (and an affirmation...and a crystal), there's a way."

I only hire the best so I can help you understand your past, heal your present and build a future that excites you! 


Let me be your guide.

Out of this world, OH-EM-EFFING-GEE birth chart reading

"I had no idea about Vedic astrology before I came across Kimberley and Ivy Rose Crystals. I always liked reading horoscopes but never thought much of it until I read her blog post explaining how Vedic astrology was different to western or "normal" astrology. Having first-hand experience of Ivy Rose crystals' stellar service, I knew I could expect a decent (if not entertaining) birth chart reading. But OH EM EFFING GEE, my reading was out of this crystallised word haha. Kimberley told me soooo many scarily accurate things regarding my past and current situation. Things that had confused me started making sense. I'm so excited about what lies ahead - cos there's good stuff in my planets - but also, I know what to watch out for and work through to keep me on track. You are the Betz :P 

Caroline Betz

Caroline Betz Ivy Rose Crystals testimonial
Kimberley Bartlett giving oracle readings

What’s my favorite?

Stone: Lavender Amethyst - my Nanna introduced me to my first crystal when I was 8, and we both love this one

Sound: A can of Coke being placed in snow - nice and snug but not too deep.  (As heard in a Christmas movie when I was 7)

Wild experience: going on tour with an international rock star

Animal: Owl – I’d take the neighborhood hooter home if I could

Place in time: The Viking Age – I swear, I was a Scandinavian in another lifetime

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Kimberley Bartlett Vedic Astrologer