my story

Crystal Candles Australia

Hi I am Kimberley. Mother to three young girls, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Vedic Astrologer, empath and lover of crystals, and candles. My Nanna began my metaphysical love when she gave me my first crystal at 8 years old. This grew to be passion for the moon and its cycles and of course, astrology.

Much later in life came a love of candles after watching my mum pour so much love into each candle she made. There is something so magical about lighting a candle and not only seeing but feeling that warm glow from the flame. It's a feeling of connection to a higher realm, something bigger than me and that feeling always helped me get through the tougher times.

As a Mum of three, life can be chaotic, so when I use my crystals, light my candles, or smudge my house, I am taking time for myself. It's my way of selfcare, healing, setting goals and forgiving myself as well as bringing peace and positive energy into mine and my families lives.

My goal here at Ivy Rose Crystal and Candles is to empower you and provide you with magical tools so that each time you burn or walk past your candles you are reminded that you are; loved, empowered, seen, important, worthy, spiritual, successful, abundant, protected and courageous. If you need help beginning your Crystal journey, please reach out.